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CPT Concrete Patio Temple

CPT Concrete Patio Temple provides top-quality masonry and concrete services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our knowledgeable crews have the expertise to handle concrete and masonry projects of all sizes and scopes in Temple, Texas and surrounding areas. Our team will listen to your ideas and needs and proactively incorporate them to give you a beautifully finished project at a reasonable price.

CPT Concrete Patio Temple is locally owned in Temple, Texas and has been providing excellent concrete and masonry services for many years. We have built a strong reputation in the area based on our professionalism and attention to detail. We have the experience and reliability that is required to complete the project right on schedule and within budget.

CPT Concrete will help you to understand all of the considerations from early in the design phase and guide you on choosing the best application for your project.

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Concrete Patio

Concrete Pouring

As a concrete contractor, we will create the concrete form that is appropriate for your project and prepare the site for pouring. If you need concrete poured, placed or formed to fit your construction specifications you should contact us today to discuss your project.

Concrete Forming

We can create concrete forms which are used to contain concrete while it is being poured. Once the concrete is dry, we will remove the forms and put the finishing touches on the project. 

Concrete Reinforcing

You may also need us when you want reinforced concrete like steel rebar and wire mesh added to your project. Concrete reinforcing is another skill that requires experience and expertise. 

Concrete Finishing

We will also apply concrete finishes like concrete textures, concrete stains, concrete sealers and etc. Concrete finishing is necessary if you’re creating concrete polished concrete floors or exposed aggregate concrete for more visual appeal.


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CPT Concrete Patio Temple

We strive to create beautiful and functional concrete patios and driveways. Every project is different, each has different challenges, and requires different expertise. After decades in business, we’ve seen almost everything and we’re ready to take on your project, no matter how big or small. 

Contact the professionals at CPT Concrete to help you with the entire process. When you work with us, we make sure to get the highest quality concrete for your construction needs and budget. Our professionals are top-notch and have the best customer service around. For more information regarding our services, call (254) 414-0401

Concrete Driveway Temple
Concrete Driveway Temple

Pouring Concrete

Pouring Concrete requires the expertise of an experienced concrete contractor to provide the best results for your needs.

A skilled concrete contractor can help you to plan, manage. and coordinate your concrete construction project, to prevent errors and other hazards. As a concrete contractor, we will do the concrete formwork and pour the concrete that is required for any type of project or structure that needs to be completed. We also work with Walnut Creek Concrete on special projects in California. 

What does a concrete contractor do?

An experienced concrete contractor has vast knowledge and expertise about concrete and its applications which is beneficial for completing your project. 








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